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Everything You Need To Know About Buying a Saint Clair County IL Home – Part III

17 Jul

After you’ve made your lists of “must haves,” and you’ve identified desirable neighborhoods, it’s time to seriously shop for your Saint Clair County IL home.

Your agent will email you listings which meet your criteria, and you can “visit” many of them online via a virtual tour. Once you have narrowed down your choices, your Realtor will arrange for you to visit those properties. A few bits of advice here:

saint clair county il home1) Take notes on each home you tour.

2) Look past the owner’s furnishings and décor.

3)  Consider the potential of the property.

4) Listen to both your head and your heart. Sometimes a property really does “speak” to you.

Once you decide to make an offer on your chosen Saint Clair County IL home, your agent will provide you with comparable prices of similar homes which have recently sold to help you decide what you will offer. He/she will prepare a contract which will include price; down payment, deposit, financing; inspections; conveyance of items, settlement date; and any contingencies you add.

Once your Realtor presents your offer to the seller, negotiations may begin. The seller may counter your offered price or any other part of the contract, and you may, in turn, counter such requests. You may have to offer more money in price, but you can also ask the seller to cover all or some of your closing costs or to make repairs that ordinarily would not be covered. The best solution, of course, is to reach an agreement that makes both the buyer and the seller happy.

Once the deal has been finalized, you will proceed to having a home inspection, a HVAC inspection, and an environmental test (asbestos, mold, radon). Your Realtor can arrange for these inspections to ensure that the property meets expected standards. He/she will also deal with the seller to take care of any exposed discrepancies and/or unexpected problems

What‘s next? Preparation for your closing, a walk-through of the property, and then the actual settlement on your Saint Clair County IL home!

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